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There has always been a disconnect in our area with what is trending in the wedding industry. We noticed and wanted to change that. Our journey started 15 years ago like any other DJ and company does. Playing for family and friends for free and looking towards the future. Our problem is we never stopped... We bring a level to the industry that no one else does. A Premium experience rooted with the love to celebrate.

Our Team

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Vinnie Hoffman
DJ Vinnie H

Hey there! I'm Vinnie, owner and head DJ for Erie Encore Entertainment. I have been in the DJ industry for over 15 years now. I started playing school dances, family functions and friends parties and slowly worked my way into weddings and private events where I found my true passion. Primarily my focus has been doing everything I can to perfect the wedding DJ scene in the Erie Area. I put my heart and should into each event I do. Being able to be a key role in bringing a celebration as important as a wedding day to life is why I continue to do what I do.


Quinton Lofton
DJ Quinnie Low

Quinton is native to the Erie are and has been what many consider the life of the party for many many years. He has joined our team with the intention to continue our model of bringing premium, trendy and high energy events to every one of our clients. With an ever growing DJ skill set and a master class in MC abilities he sure to provide an experience like no other. 


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